Process Analyzer Systems

We specialized in process analzyer to measure chemical and physical properties. Our designs and assembles are application specific taking into account the process requirements, customer specifications, sample properties and the analyzer requirements, in order to: repeatedly and accurately measure the process sample.

Gas Emission Solutions
Gas Emission Solutions

Ecos Link Solutions’ professionals will work with you to develop programs tailored specifically to your air emission requirements such as HCL, HF, NVMOC, CO, SO2, O2 and NO2 with accordance to latest Department of Environmental (DOE) Clean Air Regulations.

Water Quality Monitoring Solutions
Water Quality Monitoring Solutions

Ecos™ is a Malaysian brand with support and after sales services for the South East Asia Market to provide value added quality products and SPAN certification along with MS ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration standard. We provide customized system integration for harsh and difficult environment. All monitoring system comes with latest IOT solutions integration features.

DAHS Software (I-remote)

DAHS Software (I-remote)

Ecos Data Acquisition Handling System (DAHS) has the essential function of display, recording, reporting (graph/table) and alarm screen with SMS feature fully compliance with Malaysia’s DOE latest Version 7.0 June 2019 Guideline.

After Sales Service

Perfect After Sales Service

Don't worry! We have dedicated competent professionals in various region of the country to establish a series of maintenance activities that will provide a high level of confidence in the data reported by the CEMS, as we understand the importance on the real time data to be extracted by Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia.

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